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Trurl the constructor once built an eight-storey machine, judicious, which, when he finished the most important work, first, he covered it with white varnish; then he painted the corners lilac, he looked from distance and made small design in the front, and where one could imagine its forehead, he put light orange pattern and, very satisfied with himself, whistling casually, out of meaningless duty so to speak, he asked a regular question: how much is two times two? The machine started operating. First, the lamps turned on, the circuits shone, the currents roared like waterfalls, the couplings played, then the coils glowed, something whirled inside, thudded, rumbled and such noise spread all over the plain, that Trurl thought that he would have to prepare for it a special thought silencer. In the meantime, the machine was still operating, as if she was to resolve the most difficult problem in the whole Universe; the ground was shaking, sand was removing from under the feet because of the vibrations, Finally, when Trurl was really disgusted by such commotion, the machine stopped suddenly and said in a booming voice: SEVEN! - Well, well, my dear! - said Trurl casually – Nothing of the kind, it is four, be so kind as to correct yourself! How much is two times two? - SEVEN! –the machine replied immediately Like it or not, Trurl – having sighed – put on a working overall which he had taken off, rolled the sleeves up, opened the front flap and went inside. He didn’t come out for a long time, one could hear him banging with a hammer, unscrewing something, welding, soldering, running up, rambling against metal steps, once on the sixth floor, once on the eighth, and suddenly he was rushing downstairs. He switched on the electricity, so as it sizzled inside and purple moustache grew on spark gaps. He was toiling away for two hours, when he finally went outside, sooted but

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