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Michelle Schluechtermann Assignment 3 Draft February 14th 2010 Ann Stotts DO MIRACLES EXIST ? About 19 years ago, a young man who was 29 years old. Lived in Michigan. Was found to have a rare blood clotting disorder. Called Protein C and S defiency. At first nobody realized that was what he had. He was running a fever and had flu like symptoms. So when he went to the hospital because this had been going on for a week. The hospital doctor told him he had the flu. Then a week more went by and he was still feeling the same and not getting better actually getting worse. He went to his doctor and his doctor sent him to a hospital in Toledo. Called the Medical College Of Ohio. He went in for exploratory surgery that night, because the pain was so severe he was screaming. He was found to have a huge blood clot in his intestines which turned them gangrene. He had some of the intestine removed with the…show more content…
He was going to need a bypass. He told the doctors he wanted to move back to Wisconsin for good, Because if anything happened he wanted to be with his entire family. He moved to Wisconsin the first week of April. The following Monday he had a Triple Bypass. For six years following the bypass, things seemed to be going great. Then seven years until present the young man has had 54 surgeries total in his 48 years of life. Including bypasses of his legs, femoral arteries, axillaries arteries. Then he had a double amputation above the knee. Through all of this he somehow help produce three beautiful daughters, that he was told he could not do. This young man is my husband of 21 years. So is this a miracle that the man is still here after all this? If you ask me his wife, and the rest of his family. We are going to all tell you there is no other explanation. So do I believe in miracles? Yes I

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