Ann Hopkins Essay

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Introduction: In 1982, Price Waterhouse was known as one of the top public accounting firms in the United States. At the time, a senior manager became a partnership candidate at the firm when nominated for the partnership status by the local partners. Ann Hopkins was nominated as a candidate for the 1983 class of partners, and at the time she looked like a perfect fit for the promotion. The partnership class consisted of 88 candidates, 87 of whom were males, and Ann Hopkins who was the only woman. Hopkins was praised for her “outstanding performance”, she was seen to have the strongest record at generating additional business, particularly her responsibility in brining Price Waterhouse a two-year, $25 million contract with the U.S. Department of State, which at the time was the largest government contract the firm had. She valued this promotion highly, not only would it bring her greater status, but it would also increase her earnings by a significant amount. Yet Ann Hopkins did not receive the promotion, and her nomination was placed on hold after several male board members evaluated her as having deficiencies in interpersonal skills. Hopkins’s Candidacy: The partnership admission process included all the firm’s current partners whom were invited to submit either a “short” or “long” evaluation report on each candidate. Depending on the exposure to the individual candidates, the partner would submit long or short evaluation forms. According to Hopkins, “no other 1982 candidate’s record for securing major contracts was comparable”, and additionally she billed more hours than all of the other partnership candidates. Once the evaluations about the candidates were submitted, the admissions committee made recommendations about the candidates to the Price Waterhouse policy board. The candidate could be accepted, denied, or placed on hold. Ann Hopkins received
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