'Ann': A Case Study

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My interview is with a 48 year old woman whom I will refer to as "Ann". In August, 1985, Ann was brutally beaten and raped inside her Houston apartment by a man who had recently been released from prison after serving a five year sentence for dealing drugs and armed robbery. This low-life will be referred to as "Mark". His last name was never known. Ann tells me what happened that particular evening is that she and some friends were out drinking and having a good time at a club called Cardi’s, in Houston. There were several live bands playing that evening in a showcase the club had each month for local bands. At the time, Ann was dating the owner of a music studio, who regularly hosted the bands that rehearsed there. He will be referred to in this interview as "Dave". Since his release from prison, Mark had been coming to the studio, hanging around, talking to other musicians, telling everyone that he used to play guitar. Neither Dave nor Ann was aware at the time that he had recently been released from prison. No one paid much attention to him and it was common for people to drop by the studio…show more content…
She tells me that at least three of those admissions were due to serious suicide attempts. She was in a coma for three days following one attempt. She has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, OCD (for hair pulling and hand washing). She also suffers from bulimia and says it is not known which psychiatric issues, if any, are directly connected with that assault. Ann says that soon after she had her son, two years later, she did not want to be around men, and for nearly ten years, she did not date or have any close relationships with men. She also states that she gained a lot of weight during that time and in a way, felt "sort-of secure" being overweight. She acknowledges that this could have a strong connection with the

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