Ankara-Istanbul Essay

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ANKARA and İSTANBUL There are many big cities in Turkey and two of these are Ankara and Istanbul. These cities have are important for Turkey for different reasons. They have some similarities such as being capital cities, Ankara for the Turkish Republic and İstanbul for the Ottoman Empire and having big and international universities. Despite these similarities, there are differences between the two cities in terms of their population, job opportunities they offer and the social life related activities. One of the differences between the two cities is the number and the background of people. When we compare Ankara and İstanbul, we can see that İstanbul is more populated and people come from different cultural and religious backgrounds. Since İstanbul has hosted different civilizations throughout the history, there are many people who are Jewish, Christian and Armenians. Unlike İstanbul, Ankara is less populated and the very majority of people in Ankara come from similar backgrounds. The second difference is the job opportunities the cities offer to the people. In Istanbul there are many factories in different industrial areas and international companies. People can find jobs easily and earn a lot of money. On the contrary, in Ankara, there are limited job opportunities in factories and government offices. Students can apply to these after they graduate however only some of them are lucky. The final difference is related to the variety of social activities. In Istanbul there are many historical places such as museums and palaces. People can visit these places at the weekends and spend quality time. In addition to historical places, there are many social events such as concerts, shows and international organizations where the audience can have great time. In contrast, in Ankara, there are limited number of historical places that people

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