Animals Testing: The Benefits Of Animal Testing

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What many people do not realize that a large portion of products that use on a daily basis from cosmetics and household products to drugs and foods are tested on animals prior humans use. Animals testing basically consist of utilizing non-human animals in scientific or commercial experiments in order to determine the safety of substances, for instance, drugs, food, cosmetics, vaccines as well as assess the beneficial and effective of medicines. Proponents of animals testing see it as cruel yet necessary for medical progress as well as it has a great role to find a remedy for dangerous diseases namely Breast Cancer, Childhood Leukemia, and HIV/AIDS. Whereas, opponents of animals testing say it is possible to replace animals testing with…show more content…
According to Jon Klingborg, DVM, past president of the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) said “These animals are heroes. Their contribution to discovering life-saving advancements in medicine and science for both pets and humans is enormous”(8). It is obvious that studies in animals are not simply accomplished for, and do not simply prompt, medications in people. Indeed, medications for other animals also arise from these research. In animals terms, a huge number of animals would have died from feline leukemia, anthrax, hepatitis virus, distemper, and another kind of diseases to name but a few, if vaccines were not tested on them.(7) A good illustration of this is paralyzed dogs, have recaptured their capacity to walk as a consequence of research directed in rodents and dogs. Moreover, endangered spices benefit from the results of animal testing, it is apparent that animals testing assists to preserve these animals from extinct. The ability to use anesthetic devices, treat illnesses, promote breeding as well as eliminate parasitism has amended the health and survival of these spices. In addition, using techniques such as embryo transfer and artificial insemination in animals testing assist endangered species to be maintained. In humans terms, animals testing has led to vaccinations against tetanus, mumps, smallpox as well as improvement of…show more content…
Secondly mutual benefits for both humans as well as animals. In addition, to this, it has looked at several negative aspects of animals testing which are animals genome is unlike human genome. The cost, while animal testing is expensive, alternative methods are cheaper and more accuracy. However, from my point view of the topic despite all the positive side of animals testing, it should be banned it. Firstly, animals testing is is essentially untrustworthy, unethical and curl. Secondly, through science improvement, there are different options rather than animals use. Lastly, animals and humans are unlike biologically. In other words, animals testing is wasting of animals lives, money as well as other sources. For these reasons, I am strongly against

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