Animals Should Not Be Kept in Cages Essay

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Animals should not be kept in zoos as I think there is no reason whatsoever why these beautiful and brave creatures, great and small, should be forced into cages and small enclosures, which many people would consider to be cruel and unjust. It is cruel to keep these defenceless, scared and fascinating animals in zoos, for instance, they could become domesticated and they wouldn’t behave how they should in the wild, which completely defeats the purpose of visiting zoos. Wouldn’t you rather observe animals in their natural habitat? Moreover, in some zoos animals are treated terribly and are forced into damp, dark and dingy enclosures or even cages. How would you like to live in a cage? In one zoo in China there was a large hole in the ground where dead animals were dumped there. Astonishingly, 11 of the animals found dead were tigers, which are an endangered species. This shows how terribly the animals are treated. When animals die in zoos, by law they must be cremated. At that zoo they clearly weren’t. What would your reaction be if you saw all those dead animals? Although zoo enclosures are small and shabby, animals are still forced into them. For example, elephants are used to travelling many miles each day, whilst they are in a zoo they can’t. Unfortunately elephants don’t live for anywhere near as long as they do in the wild. In captivity elephants live for only 16 or 17 years, whereas in the wild they can roam the earth freely and live for over 70 years. How would you feel if you didn’t get to experience life to the full? I believe that I have given you enough information to prove that animals should not be kept in
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