Animals of the Amazon Rainforest

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The short story Animals of the Amazon forest is a story about the different animals of the Amazon rainforest and how they have adapted and changed to better suit their environment. Thus the purpose of the story is to inform the audience of the differences between animals in the Amazon rainforest and the animals elsewhere in the world. Due to this purpose, the audience of the story are adventurers keen on visiting the Amazon rainforest. An alternative audience can be people who want to know the differences between animals in the rainforest and those not. The significance of the context and the different stylistic features of the story aid the purpose of the story. Firstly the title of the story gives away the audience and to a certain extent the purpose of the story. “Animals of the Amazon forest” states that the story will include Animals and the Amazon rainforest thus solidifying what the purpose and the audience are. In the first paragraph, the author uses the repetition of animals and creatures throughout the paragraph. This gives the image and the purpose of the story and it links to the title. As well, the first paragraph gives some descriptions about the animals and their way of living. “Most animals are small,’ ‘large animals [cannot] survive .... anywhere far from water,’ ‘most animals are highly camouflaged’ and ‘stay motionless during the daytime’ all give information about the type of animals you would likely see and when and where you would see them. Again this links to the purpose and the audience of the story. The second paragraph is merely a continuation of the images produced in the first paragraph. The ‘overgrown trail’ in the Amazon forest and the ‘stream’ give a sense of location. This gives the audience, along with the description in the first paragraph, a sense and an image of the types of animals that you would likely see. Animals that are
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