Animals Being Killed for Fur

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It is a fact that millions of animals are killed every year simply for the purpose of using their fur or skin for clothing. These animals are likely to suffer a cruel death either through electrocution or having their neck broken. Some of them are gassed, poisoned or even clubbed to death. Either way the fact still remains that these animals are treated to horrific conditions. On fur farms where animals are raised for the purpose of using their fur for clothing; they are placed in filthy, overcrowded wire cages until they are sooner or later killed for their fur. Fur is one of the many pieces of clothing that has been worn for centuries and in recent times has become a symbol of wealth except between the early eighties and late nineties when wearing fur resembled crime, and those who wore it risked being abused on the street. In 1994 supermodels like Naomi Campbell campaigned against the use of fur and as they had achieved celebrity grades, had others queuing up to join the anti-fur protests aswell. Many of these models have gone back to promoting fur though as the fur industry is thriving and designers are tending to ignore the activists and slogans like ‘It takes 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat... but only one to wear it’. More than 50 million animals will be killed for their fur this year, most of which will have spent their short lives in miserable conditions on fur farms before they are killed. Many activist groups such as RSPCA and PETA are trying to get the issue across and are trying to educate the public about how animals are treated and the way in which they are killed. The only problem is that other issues tend to be more important such as global warming and climate change, which drags away people’s attention. More than a thousand tons of fur worth roughly $80m came into Britain last year. The British Fur Trade Association claims that the price

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