Animals Essay

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Animals with a high standard of consciousness are not hard to find. Creatures, as humans and animals, each of them has their own abilities. Also, there are jobs in who dogs have invented for themselves using their perceptual skills. For example, the seizure alert dogs are dogs who can predict a seizure before it starts. These dogs weren't trained. However, the seizure response dogs are dogs that help a person when a seizure has begun. They were trained to bring the person his medicine or other things. Some seizure response dogs acquire the capacity of predicting of the seizure alert dogs by themselves, nobody has taught them that. The seizure alert dogs remind the author of Clever Hans, an amazing horse. His owner, Wilhelm, thought he could count and answer mathematical questions. Then, Osakar Pfungst, a psychologist said that Hans wasn't really counting. Instead of counting, Hans was just observing the unconscious cues of the public and his questioners, but he was able to understand and detect human signs. At first, Dr. Pfungst couldn't see the signs, but then he realized that there were two conditions for Hans could answer correctly a question, Hans had to see the questioner and also this person had to know the answer. Psychologists said that there are not intelligent animals, but Hans showed that he could learn how to read the human's signs, so, there have to be more. Seizure alert dogs and Hans are similar because they acquired their skills without human help. They showed superior intelligence because they recognized the signs then, they decided to do something about it, as we do. Intelligence for humans is when people use their skills to achieve useful and remarkable

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