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When you hear the word human what do you think of? Some may think of all the great intellectual work the human race has thought. Or maybe you see all of the great sculptures and buildings artists have created over the century. Most people will think of the great achievements the human race met, but some look at the darker side of the human race. There are a group of people who believe humans view animals as property and mistreat them due to their lack of intelligence. But there is also a group who use animals as a way of life and appreciate their contributions to the world’s ecosystem. This group looks at the human behaviors towards animals, and animal’s level of emotion, and the contradiction towards the treatment of animals. When debating the topic about animals first we will talk about human behaviors and thoughts towards animals. In the essay “Why I Hunt” by Rick Bass, the author talks about how the love of hunting and the landscape nourish his soul. This man is expressing his appreciation towards the animals he hunts. Bass respects and loves the animal that he shares the wild Montana Mountains with. There is of course the other side of the story. The author Alice Walker wrote an essay “Am I Blue?” There are examples such as humans ignoring and mistreating horses. This of course happens to some animals, but some believe it is human nature to treat animals this way. But this is not human nature. There are laws that prevent the mistreatment of animals. This shows that the human race does have compassion towards animals and does not view them as lower creatures that do not deserve respect. The next topic is an animal’s intelligence or emotional level. Some believe animals are an unintelligent species and are just savage creature trying to live in this world. In the essay written by Bass, he describes how the hunters and the animals imagine

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