Animal Testing Speach: Agianst Essay

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You’ve heard it before. But here it is again, plain and simple: Animal testing is wrong. Somewhere out there in a research lab. A little chimp stares out from cramped metal cage trembling at an approaching needle. Shaking at the painful cries from her brothers and sisters that surround her. Yearning constantly for the end of it all, because she doesn’t know how she got here, or why she deserves this pain. But then again who does know that? Why are 25 million animals a year, in the US alone subjected to brutal animal experimentation? Some argue that animal testing is vital to the production of safe cosmetics, drugs, and medication. But why does our selfishness overshadow our empathy? The same people like to point out that animal testing has aided the cause of creating vaccines against diseases like rabies, and polio. This is true. But let’s consider the differences between animals and humans in physiological and chemical terms. Did you know that 92% of tests passed on animals fail when tried on humans? Also, how relevant is a so called successful result when the animals have undergone so much physiological distress due to isolation from their natural habitat? One of the most prominent examples of how misleading and unreliable animal testing is, is Thalidomide. Thalidomide was a drug launched from Germany throughout the sixties and seventies and was stated to be safely tested on thousands of animals. It was then marketed as a “wonder drug”; an amazing drug which sedated or smoothed pregnant mothers in pain and supposedly could cause no harm to either the mother or the fetus. Despite this numerous testing on animals, tens of thousands of children whose mothers had used Thalidomine were born with severe deformities such as mental retardation, blindness, deformed or missing limbs, and many other abnormalities. Because animal testing is not a safe approach to producing

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