Animal Testing for the Greater Good Essay

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Animal Testing for the Greater Good Science has always brought controversies and also cleared them to the modern world. One of the most controversial topics could be the use of animals that are tested upon for medicinal/drug uses. They are many arguments raised against this topic, but I will demonstrate why it is beneficial to society. It has been a repeated occurrence throughout history which has led to many medical and surgical advancements. A cost benefit analysis has shown that the cons are pain and death, whereas the benefits include the acquisition of new knowledge and the medical advancements for humans. People should condone the minor drawbacks of animal testing simply because that human life is simply much more valuable than the life of an animal. To further improve medical science and to continue saving human lives, medical testing is the only appropriate option available. Conservatives may argue that animals shouldn’t be tested upon, and scientists should find an alternative. An alternative to animal testing would be human testing, which will seem completely unethical. Weighing the life of a human with respect to an animal might seem more convenient in thoughts to medical progress concerning humans. Claude Bernard, a master of physiology specified that "experiments on animals are entirely conclusive for the toxicology and hygiene of man. The effects of these substances are the same on man as on animals, save for differences in degree.” Animal experimentation has contributed to vital improvement in the span and quality of our lives. It has helped created many vaccinations and other medicines in order to stop or reduce the spreading of diseases and other sicknesses. For example, smallpox, they derived the vaccine from testing the cowpox virus, it had a striking similarity in the cell structure with the human smallpox virus. Animal research has also

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