Animal Testing Chapter 9 Summary

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1. Chapter 11 in the Study Guide focuses only on the ethical dilemmas in testing drugs on human beings. How are those dilemmas changed—made easier or made more difficult—when the issue shifts to testing drugs on animals? Focus your answer by addressing the major ethical dilemmas presented in this lesson.
 Testing drugs on humans has been an ethical dilemma for years. Over time, the types of experimentation that we can do on humans has become much more restricted for ethical reasons. But, we are still testing drugs on humans in order to determine the drug’s effectiveness as well as the side effects that are associated with the drug. Almost every drug that we take, for minor or major problems, were once tested on human subjects…show more content…
For example, if a woman secretly records an altercation between her and someone harassing her then I feel that it is justified. If a man is stalking her and it is her word against his then she may not have a chance of saving herself, but if she records this altercation then there is proof that this situation actually occurred. This recording may not hold up in court but at least she can prove to people and she can get protection from this person somehow. Surveillance is in place to help people and companies to manage their locations and see if and when people are around them. Surveillance helps store owners determine if their employees or customers are stealing from them, it helps homeowners manage their property and know if their family is in danger, and it helps corporate buildings manage the large number of people who walk in and out of the building. In these cases, surveillance helps these people manage their properties but there are situations in which surveillance may be inappropriate. For example, placing surveillance cameras in fitting rooms of clothing stores is unethical because it is an invasion of people’s privacy. People disrobe in the fitting rooms and it is not allowed for cameras to record in these

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