Animal Testing Essay

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AFFIRMATIVE ARGUMENTS & COUNTER ARGUMENTS |AFFIRMATIVE ARGUMENT |NEGATIVE COUNTER ARGUMENT | |Animals can feel pain |Agreed. However, animal pain is preferable to human pain (e.g. | | |animal testing to save human lives) | | |Genetically engineer animals not to feel pain | | |Animals do not live as long as humans anyways | | |Impossible to eliminate all pain | |Evil to inflict pain on another |Justice system is evil b/c it inflicts pain on people | | |Agreed; however it is a necessary evil | |Feasible to recognize animal rights |No it is not. Animals cannot “go to court” and police cannot | | |protect every animal everywhere | | |Feasibility is not the debate. The true value of Justice | | |requires fairness and not feasibility | |Animals should be recognized as individuals |Animals are not rational actors. They act on instinct. They do | | |not pass on knowledge/memes to their young

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