Animal Testing Essay

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Should Animal Testing be Used in Research? Animal testing is a controversial issue that is debated all around the world. The issue that is controversial is whether or not animal testing should occur. Many people are for animal testing while others are against it. With animal testing, there are many misconceptions. Why does animal testing occur? Many people do not know the real reason why animal testing occurs in society today. Also, people do not realize how much animal testing has benefited our society. Animal testing should occur because it is not as cruel as people think, alternatives for animal testing are not as effective, animal testing is necessary to save the lives of humans, and animal testing is essential for more knowledge in the medical and biological field. Greek physician-scientists, for instance Aristotle and Erasistratus, began performing experiments on living animals (Hajar 42). Galen, also a Greek physician, performed animal experiments to help better understand anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology. Ibn Zuhr, an Arab physician, brought up animal testing to be used as an experimental method to test procedures, which were surgical, before applying them to patients (Hajar 42). In the twentieth century, it was extremely important that animals were used in drug testing. Animal testing was not used at one point in time and this resulted in too many cases where people were harmed or even killed because of the lack of animal testing. In 1937, a company involved in pharmaceuticals, created a diethylene glycol (DEG) as a solvent that was very poisonous to humans. The pharmacist did not know that the DEG was poisonous to humans. There was no testing on the product to ensure the safety of it; the product caused over one-hundred people do die (Hajar 42). If the product were tested by using animal testing, many lives could have been saved. One

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