Animal Testing Essay

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Imagine if you were to be diagnosed with a disease and the only way to cure you is by esting and animal. Would you put the life of an animal before your own? Probably not because you might find you’re life a lot more important than an animals. Animal researching has improved tremendously throughout history. Scientists are able to identify where the origins of the disease comes from and also factors that may trigger it to be worse. The author of source B mentions that animals are suffering from these “painful experiments” and that they too are capable of feeling pain. What about the people we see in our everyday lives that are suffering from a disease? They feel pain as well so why do we only think about the animals and not the lives we could save? Animal testing is currently the only way scientists can put a stop to all the pain people go through. Testing on animals doesn’t only benefit humans, either, but also other animals to prevent them from getting infected from disease or viruses like rabies. These animals that sacrifice their lives aren’t just heros for, us, people but also for their own species. Scientists are only trying to do what is best for everyone and everything. Although many people disagree with animal experimentation doctors have successfully accomplished many people’s dream; to live without fear of it being their last day or not. In source F the author says “.. it is us to humans to recognize and protect those rights for them” and we do, but in some occasions something has to be sacrificed to solve a problem. Why animals though? Statistically the animal population is a lot greater than humans, because unlike us animals have up to more than one fetus at a time. They do feel pain, but if we were to experiment on humans the pain would be a lot worse than what animals feel. Animals also show quick and accurate symptoms, because their bodies are a lot

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