Animal Testing Essay

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Animals Used for Research The topic of animal testing is a long debated and very popular topic for discussion, mainly because it is a topic that pulls at the heartstrings of people, and is very controversial if research can help humans lead better lives with safer and more effective medicine. We need to ask if it is even our place to use other species for research, if the way we are doing animal testing is actually ethical, and more importantly, if animal testing is even a reliable method of analyzing things. All of these can be studied to help unveil which side is moral in this widely fought over topic. Some people argue that animals are on this planet for us to utilize however we please, seeing that we are the dominating species on the planet. Others take the stance that animals are not, in fact, ours to exploit and treat inhumanely since they are no more, and no less important than humans. And there are even more people that just don’t care whether their products are tested on animals or not. Sometimes the question will come along asking whether it is just for humans to use other species in the unethical manner that is animal testing. Many will simply respond yes, it is perfectly acceptable for humans to use animals for our own gain. They agree that it is ethical, because they only see the past successes of animal testing and believe that it is the most effective way to discover how diseases work and how to cure them (Pycroft). What they don’t see is the struggle animals must go through to help us achieve those successes. As Laurie Pycroft’s group Standing up for Science says, Without animal research, medicine as we know it today wouldn't exist. Animal research has enabled us to find treatments for cancer, antibiotics for infections, vaccines to prevent some of the most deadly and debilitating viruses and surgery for injuries, illnesses and deformities.

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