Animal Testing Essay

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Imagine yourself being put in a cruel lab. All of a sudden you feel excruciating pain, as a chemical is stuck into your body. You unfortunately die because of animal product testing. Animals are being killed every year for product testing. I strongly believe this is wrong. This is wrong because it causes animals to become endangered, the outcome of the testing could be negative, and the U.S. wastes a lot of money for it. Animal testing should be illegal in the U.S. There is a risk of the animals becoming endangered. First of all, when a species of animals is killed the population decreases. Animals are being used over and over again. For example, if we continue to test on bunnies, there won’t be many of them left. When the animals become endangered the food chain will become ruined. Say the population of an animal is low; every other creature in the food chain will be negatively affected. As the food chain is ruined all the animals will have a big risk of dying. When the animals are dying it obviously leads to an endangered species. That leads to scientists having fewer animals to study. If animals are becoming endangered there will be a smaller amount to learn new interesting facts. This shows that when animals become endangered there is a negative chain reaction. Next, the testing can have negative results. Humans can react differently to the chemical than animals. The vaccines tested, may have worked on the animals but humans can have a different response. If humans get sick from the vaccine that disease could become contagious. That illness can spread to various places in the world. Having an illness going around the world will cause chaos. For instance, in 1950 the Thalidomide drug was given to pregnant women to control nausea. But it caused more than 10,000 babies to have a birth defect. Therefore, there will be a negative impact on the world because of

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