Animal Testing Essay

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Cosmetic Animal Testing You are putting on Cover girl blush, mascara, and lipstick/ lip- gloss. After a few minutes of applying the make-up, your beautiful soft face is all swelled up. You wonder why this happened to you? You look at the back of the accessory and say, “NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.” It is truly significant for the human nature to have animals be tested for cosmetics, perfumes, and etc. Animals testing should be used in the United States for cosmetics. Animal Testing is the reason why we haven’t had any of these situations for several of years. With the fact we have animal testing its important to realize what cosmetics is safe to use. Today people are determined to outlaw animal testing even though it has eliminated some diseases, controlled others, and saved thousands of lives. These people should look at some of these incredible factors that has come out of testing and then decide if doing away with animal testing is the right thing. Animal testing want cosmetic products are tested on animals, testing to make sure each ingredient included in the product is safe. Animals suffer less during these experiments than human beings would because that even though all mammals have similar pains and may feel physical pain in the same way but non-human mammals suffer less because they have a reduced capacity to remember and to anticipate pain. Animal research is a very large issue and probably will be until our technology increases enough to think of options. Animal experimentation has its pros and its cons and neither side has much more of an argument. Medical studies are needed to find certain drugs that will work to cure diseases and animals are the closest things to humans so we need to use them. Animal testing is necessary in today’s world of highly sophisticated technology, advanced science, and medical fields. Animals are being used for just about

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