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Examination of Consumerism In this day and age there is advertising everywhere, from billboards on the highway to commercials on television. Advertising is what makes consumers buy what they want to buy even though they might not really need it. This advertising feeds consumerism which is the base of our economy and our every day lives. Consumerism is a lot of times believed to make us buy what we want instead of what we really need. James Twitchell, a professor of English and advertising at the University of Florida, believes that “the idea that consumerism creates artificial desires rests on a wistful ignorance of history and human nature, on the hazy, romantic feelings that there existed some halcyon era of noble savages with purely…show more content…
Although you may not need it, if you really want it bad enough you’ll buy it.” (Dittfurth). He makes an excellent point about how we will buy something if we really want it but how do we know that we really want some thing. When advertisers tell us that we need some thing they make us think that we really need it by saying that everyone else has it. When advertisers push us into believing something, we don’t realize that we are spending our money on something we don’t need when we could be spending the money on something that will help us get farther ahead in life. Another one of my peers, Catherine Arrighi, majoring in business says “if you think about it, consumerism can be a good thing because there are people always trying to invent ‘the next big thing’ therefore stimulating many minds to an endless possibility of inventions and creative ideas” (Arrighi). She points out that, without consumerism everything would be just the same normal day-to-day stuff, we would never have anything new. She also says that “we condemn and criticize consumerism so frequently, yet we are the ones falling subject to it” (Arrighi). What she says is absolutely true, we can criticize about consumerism all we want but we still fall victim to it. Many people have many
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