Animal Rights And Morality

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Animal Rights and Morality Animals, not only humans, have the capacity to suffer and feel pain. It is wicked and in many cases illegal to abuse animals or to cause them harm, and they should be considered more than just pets by humans. With the capacity to suffer and feel pain animals should be entitled to moral considerations and rights similar to those that humans are entitled to. Therefore these rights should make it considered morally wrong to neglect or treat any animal unfairly. Even though different cultures have different views on what is morally right and wrong, I believe when it comes to the treatment of animals it should all be standardized. In some countries it is acceptable for animals to be eaten, used in testing skin products, and even in the testing of new and sometimes lethal medicines, but this is cruel and inappropriate. Testing on animals does make some products safer on humans, but the suffering that is incurred is not worth the risk most of the time. The Diversity thesis states that there is no moral principle accepted by all societies, yet in the mistreatment of animals I believe its almost a paradigm case that is so central to the definition of evil that the unnecessary infliction of pain and suffering should be wrong for all. Animals obviously have the capacity to suffer and feel pain, and we know this because they have similar mechanisms of pain detection that we have, and in their brain have similar areas that process and react to physical as well as mental suffering. It is necessary for some new procedures and medicines to be tested on animals to make sure they are safe and will not cause harm to any humans which use them, and I am completely fine with this. What I object to is all the cosmetic testing that goes on which is completely unnecessary. We should all agree with the utilitarian in the case of cosmetic animal testing since
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