Animal Rights Essay

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ANIMAL RIGHTS There is a need for change in attitude and practices towards animals. We often fail to extend the principle of equality to the species called animals though it may be farfetched to realize the dream. There are arguments, that the case for equality cannot be applied for animals, considering the difference between humans and animals as animals would require different set of rights. It is argued as an animal doesn’t have the capability to understand and decide, we cant propose a right to vote for them. Therefore animal rights cannot be compared or based on the same lines as human rights as it would be futile to do so. It is to be noted that equality does not depend on intelligence, moral capacity, physical strength. Equality is a moral ideal, not an assertion of fact. Jeremy Bentham who proposed the theory of greatest happiness of the greatest number, points to the capacity for suffering as the vital characteristics that gives a being, the right to equal consideration. Also prevalent is a practice of experimenting on animals, which denotes the biggest forms of speciesism in the society. While experimental research on humans can risk the life of humans, so the experiment is first tried on animals. But it is unfair to cause such great sufferings on animals who cant even speak out against the practice and the torture met out to them. Here again we take animals for granted without considering their rights. Often the problem of equality is considered only for humans and rarely applied for animals. This represents the failure of philosophy to challenge accepted belief, most philosophers accept radical outcome to which their natural feeling indicates.

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