Animal Reseach and Medical Testing Essay

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Shelly Tyson Ms. Purdie English 155 22 June, 2012 There are many different aspects of animal testing and medical research, mainly for the purpose of aiding in the human species ailments and for cosmetic procedures. For many years the animal community has been devastated and alarmed by certain pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food processing, and medical research facilities who continue to use and abuse these animals for the reason of scientific evidence. Even though most of the research that has been accomplished in the last 50 years was needed in order to keep the human species from suffering and dying, a lot of it was done in vain. Statistically in the world, 25 to 100 million animals have been used for animal testing over the last year. According to one website, “More than 25 million animals are used in the United States each year, including monkeys, chimpanzees, beagles, and other dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, birds, farm animals, and still other sentient beings” ( par3). These numbers are well into the billions over all throughout the last century. Many concepts are written about this subject and so much research has been published. I feel that we as a society need to figure out why animal testing has been a positive for our fellow human beings, when so many lives of the animal beings are used and regarded as the lesser of life than ours the human race. For many years animal testing was used as the cure all in such needed scientific experiments such as a cure for polio, and when it was needed to find out how to help diabetics. But those things were in fact a positive when it came to animal testing and then in turn we found a cure for polio, and we found out how to maintain diabetes with insulin that was used as a case of animal testing. In 1922 when animal testing allowed for the foundation of the diabetic era, that is when individuals with

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