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Animal Poaching Essay

  • Submitted by: kaelynrichelle
  • on August 12, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Kaelyn Richelle Galang
March 21, 2013
English 2; Mr. Wager
Period 6
Animal Poaching, It Must Be Stopped!

One major ongoing problem that exists within society is the poaching of animals for their fur and skins for the sole reason of commercial use, high fashion, and even extraneous personal desire. With thousands upon thousands of defenseless animals being killed by poachers, many species are unfortunately faced with a high risk of extinction. This issue can possibly be solved by ways such as: government involvement by providing safe facilities for animals most commonly targeted by poachers, issuing a worldwide ban on the use of animal furs and skins in clothing, and also ratifying worldwide laws that heavily penalize anyone caught in the involvement or aid of animal poaching.
If the government were to be more involved in the cease of animal poaching, the world would almost certainly reach its goal of animal poaching elimination at a much faster rate than if without additional aid. Wildlife and animal organizations alone aren't enough to substantially decrease the poaching that occurs. Government involvement would be an immense help. Donations by the government would provide us with more safe facilities in which to place the animals at higher risk of being targeted by poachers. Poachers would have little to no possible opportunities to get a hold of the animals. With the animals out of harm's way and potential threat, the number of animal deaths by poaching would significantly decrease.
Another possible, and potentially very effective, solution to the animal poaching issue would be the international passing of laws that ban the use of animal fur and skins in clothing and accessories. Since many people desire the use of real fur in their clothing, and sometimes even in handbags or purses, many designers and clothing companies would obviously feel the need to use real fur in their designs and fashion lines to make more income. With fashion companies demanding...

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