Animal Imagery In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Chapter 1-  3. Animal Imagery- “like a horse snout” , Lennie comparable to an animal  4. Local color- western/farm setting, speaking style is different then usual people  4. Lennie- Childish, like a bear cub and George is like mother to bear cub  6. Lennie obedient to George, Lennie is also dim-witted, cannot think for himself  7. Local color- Lennie and George are migrant workers, like most other people of time  8. Lennie disobedient of George’s orders- is disciplined by George  9. Animal Imagery- Lennie follows George like a dog follows its master  11. George is disapproves of Lennie’s absurd behavior, has to deal with him often  13. Lennie and George are dependent on each other  13. Loneliness- people of time usually…show more content…
Lennie does not know his own strength, reacts to trouble when he is scared  Idioms- “old lady” (p.53), “throw a litter” (p.58), “punk” (p.62), “cut off his wind” (p.63)  Allusions- Luger, phonograph, fence picket, Golden Gloves Chapter 4-  66. Crooks was alone, living by himself and able to leave his personal possessions lying around  67. Loneliness- people kept their distance from Crooks because he was black  68. Loneliness- Lennie also quite alone in the world- only friend is George and tries to make friends with Crooks  69. Lennie- a genuinely nice person, has nice smile that tempted Crooks to let him in  69. Lennie- forgetful- forgets that George told him not to tell anyone about his dream  70. Loneliness- colored people are alone in the world, Crooks recounts his history of being alone  71. Not having contact with much people gives him idea to scare Lennie  72. Lennie’s stupidity allows him to believe that someone hurt George even though Crooks is just assuming  72. Loneliness- Crooks is alone in the world, cannot attend activities that other people enjoy  72. Loneliness- reading books is sign of solitude  74. Foreshadowing- Crooks foreshadows that many people do not get the dream that they
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