Animal Fur Essay

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Fur has been a popular demand in fashion since the beginning of the Victorian era and still remains to be a symbol of glamour enjoyed by many women all over the world, as well as men. What many don’t realize is the horrific process these animals must endure in order for these fur products to be made. I write today in hopes to open the eyes of many, for everyone to take action to put an end to the fur production. I write to ask the fashion industry for a change that has been way overdue. Many say that big changes cannot happen overnight. It takes time, hard work and determination. Yes, I agree; especially for something like this in which I am asking for a revolution in traditional fashion, it would be very hard to see a change right away. However, the problem is not in how big the subject might be. The problem is within the people, the society. Not enough people are aware of what goes into the makings of fur products, and those who do know choose to ignore it. The tragic reality of this has been brought up many times in the past, but the media seems to find ways to overshadow it. The government is not doing enough to prevent the mass productions of fur, and it is about time we take action for the rights of these innocent animals. Following are evidential facts taken from PETA, Born Free USA, as well as other animal rights activists. The facts are shocking: It remains today that there are more than 50 million animals that are violently killed each year for the use of fashion. These animals are not only the wild animals such as minks, fox and raccoons but surprisingly there are also plenty of dogs and cats who are killed by this. The majority of fur is produced in the fur farms which 85% of the fur industry comes from. It is simply a sugarcoated way of describing a confined facility – a slaughterhouse- where the animals are mated for fur produce, crammed in

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