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Animal Farm In the book Animal Farm, George Orwell ties the animals and their situations to the battles of The Soviet Union and their government. During the course of the book it shows many different satires that were used by the Soviet Union. As Orwell wrote the book he pointed out five different ways he tied the animals to the Soviet Union and their government. The novel presents the struggle of Snowball and Napoleon for power. This ties into the Soviet Union by representing the struggle between Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Orwell also wants reader’s to see the trade agreement between Fredrick’s and Napoleon, and when this trade agreement is broken it represents the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact that leads to World War II. The breaking of the trade agreement also leads to the windmill battle in the book, and this battle over the windmill represents World War II. Witch in this time period in Russia, the Communist party ceased power and mistreated workers. There was also the speech Squealer gave that represented the end of the rebellion in the period of the Red Terror. This brings you back to how Orwell presents power in this novel. In this novel there was a lot of intelligence. When saying intelligence, it’s meat by being smart and educated. This is mostly seen in the pigs out of all the animals. The pig’s take Majors dream and persuade the seven commandments. But the pigs also use their intelligence when they want the fresh milk, they stop living by their morals that they tell everyone to live by and use their knowledge to get what they want. The pigs also were limiting the other animal’s intelligence by teaching themselves how to read and write out of a children’s book and then destroyed it before the others had a chance to even try to learn. Orwell saw propaganda first hand in World War II and decided to interpret it into this book. The one way of

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