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Animal Farm Movie Vs Book Essay

  • Submitted by: datfunazn
  • on February 27, 2012
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Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell, and it also was retold in the form of an animated movie. The key differences between the book and movie Animal Farm can be best exemplified through the setting, plot, characters and themes. The setting in the book Animal Farm is one that is typical to most farms. However, this farm is special, as the animals have taken on the roles of the farmer.   Animal Farm is first called Manor Farm; however, the name changes after a rebellion among the animals, as they overthrow their leader Mr. Jones. The inside of the farm is like any other, with barns for the animals, and a manor house for the farmer. The farm is an imaginary one located in England in a rural area near the town of Willington, however, no specific year is given in the novel. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that the story took place in the late 19th century due to the tools that the animals had access to. The farm is close to two other farms, the farms of Mr. Pilkington and the farm of Mr. The story of Animal Farm takes place over a span of over ten years, as it shows the animals when they are young and much later when they are old.   Over this period of time, Orwell illustrates the struggles that the animals undergo through the various seasons, whether it may be the harsh, warm weather of summer, or the freezing temperatures of winter.
The movie representation of Animal Farm’s setting is extremely similar to that of the book, with only a few minor changes with details. Much more detail of the farm can be seen through the visual adaptation of Animal Farm. The movie allows the viewer to witness where the farm is situated, and where everything within the farm is placed, such as the manor house, the windmill, and the various barns of the animals. The farm is still situated in England, and it can be assumed that it takes place around the 20th century, around 30 to 40 years later than the time period of the novel. This is presumed due to the more advanced...

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