Animal Farm, Fable Essay

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a Fable is something that has a moral or story to it. It can be a good lesson or a bad one, a fable always has relationships, or friendship, or a villian, and a hero. Animal fram teaches us about the russian revolution and how charecters act, as the people who were in the russian revolution, its all about trust, and equalness. The animals are not treated equally, some animals just wanted peace, but that did not happen when old, Major died he was like the lead, told all the good story’s and was faithful and always so loyal, his historic person was:Lenin he died a few days before he nearly became ruler, same as old major but he died 3 days after. You had boxer and clover, Boxer;faithful caring STRONG hard worker who got slaughtered by his stupid ‘comrade.’ Mr Jones(farmer) was hated Tsar nicholas was the ruler before the russian revolutiom in 1917 but at that time of the revolution he was chased and killed. Farmer jones was chased and bit out of animal farm twice but the second time he decided not to return Napoleom is very simmilar to stalin. Stalin was a main character in the russian revolution, but when lenin died he faught many power struggles with Trotsky, he became the leader of th USSR, but he loved o kill and use violance as an answer to everything! This is exactly the same as Napoleon, he tried to help when old major died but struggled having someone else there: Snowball they tried to make plans, but simply did not agree so then snowmall left and was claimed that he stole
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