Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm Essay Animal Farm, written by George Orwell is a story of animals struggling for independence and freedom. One of the main characters, a horse called Boxer, is greatly admired for his dedication and loyalty to the farm. Boxer was the main animal that held the farm together with all his strengths. Boxer wasn’t the most intelligent animal on the farm, but mentally, he was very tough. Throughout Animal Farm, the pigs betray the principles of the Rebellion over and over again. Yet no betrayal was as disappointing and cruel as to what the pigs did to Boxer. Boxer made a huge impact on the farm and without him things would have been much more difficult and challenging. The great Boxer, served as the force that kept Animal Farm together. He contained all the needed qualities to make Animal Farm a healthier and better place to live in. Boxer had the great strength, determination and the will to achieve something. He was by far the animal who worked the hardest and the longest hours in Animal Farm. From early in the morning, to late at night, Boxer would stay behind and keep pushing or pulling, always there where the work was the hardest. Boxer fought bravely in the Battle of Cowshed where he was the main animal who scared all the farmers away. During the rough fight, Boxer knocked out one of the men and thought he had killed him. He felt extremely bad and had no intention of doing that. “I have no wish to take life, not even human life. (pg 28)” He had forgotten that he was wearing his heavy iron shoes. Years went by, and yet Boxer refused to take one day off, and made it a point of honour not to let it be shown he was in pain. During the building of the windmill and in the time before his death, his answer to every problem, every setback was “I will work harder” This really shows the audience, how fearless Boxer was, and how he did not want to show the

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