Animal Farm Comparison To Stalin And Marxisim

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Animal Farm Essay As is normal for people not to take for granted what other’s do for them so is the same in the story animal farm. The pigs take indecent advantage of the other not as intellectual animals. Animal farm is a fable using animals instead of humans, playing roles quite similar to powerful men such as Josef Stalin, Leon Trotsky and Karl Marx. This essay will talk about the main characters that helped strengthen napoleon’s regime in the book Animal farm By George Orwell. In the beginning of the story we see a type of government emerging, in the story it was called animalism this can be compared to a real life government of the early 50’s totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is a form of government when the people and properties are controlled entirely by the power. Napoleon’s character is similar if not a complete representation of Josef Stalin, Napoleon’s techniques of control are the same style as Josef Stalin’s who used mass murders, scapegoats and well designed propaganda to help improve his image and control over his people. In the following paragraphs, the loyal servants of Napoleon will be inspected, compared and related to their real life counterparts. The three main servants who usurped power and helped spread propaganda were the Dogs, Boxer and Squealer. The levels of leadership can be broken down into three categories, supporting army ensues fear and controls the people under napoleons rule, propagandist the public speaker for napoleon who uses Facts & Figures, Euphemism, Word Game and Fear appeal as different types of propaganda to convince the people of the right choice. Working class those who are led to believe the propaganda then become very loyal to the success of their leader. In the first of three paragraphs, we will look into the counterparts and relations between the first and most loyal servants under napoleon, the
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