Animal Farm Chapter 2&3 Essay

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Old Major just passed away yesterday. The animals at Animal Farm buried Old Major at the foot of the orchard. He is wished to rest in peace forever. Even though Old Major passed, the animals on Animal Farm still want to proceed with the rebellion of taking over Animal Farm. Night time meetings are being held to discuss the take over of Animal Farm. Mr. Jones is sound asleep while these meetings go on. Sugarcandy Mountain is said to exist, but the pigs are trying to say otherwise for some reason. Just a few days ago the animals on Animal Farm decided to act. Mr. Jones came back drunk one night and neglected to milk and feed the animals. Without any planning, the animals jumped into action and ran Mr. Jones out of his own farm. The animals dance all night around a huge bonfire to celebrate the winning over of the farm. The farmhouse which Jones used to live in is now used as a museum and the animals are all sworn to never live or sleep in the farm house. "Comrades," said Snowball, "it is half-past six and we have a long day before us. Today we begin the hay harvest. But there is another matter that must be attended to first." Snowball and Napoleon tell the animals that they’ve learnt to read a write. They later paint seven commandments of “Animalism” on the barn. The harvest on Animal Farm was just recently finished two days early. The animals are ecstatic that the food is right fully theirs and that no human could take it away from them. Every Sunday the animals gather to discuss the plans for the week. Most of the animals aren’t smart enough to give ideas so they just listen and agree to what the pigs have to say. As the days go by, the animals start to notice that Napoleon and Snowball can’t ever agree about anything. Snowball wants to improve the farm while Napoleon wants to educate the young. Snowball decides to make the seven commandments into one single

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