Animal Farm - Analysis

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Part 1 • Of which characters does the writer seem to approve? And which ones does he disapprove of? Make a three column list of ‘approved’, ‘disapproved’ and ‘undecided’ characters. Approved Disapproved Undecided Boxer Napoleon Other minor characters mentioned Clover Squealer Hens Bluebell and Jessie The dogs Cows Snowball Mr Whymper Sheep Old Major Mr Frederick and Pilkington Pigeons Muriel Moses the raven Ducks Benjamin Mr and Mrs Jones • Do you approve/disapprove of the same characters as the author? Why/why not? Yes, I do. The author has written about the characters as parallels to that of true events and people that occurred and lived during the Russian Revolution. There were very clear lines between those who were pitied and those who were hated – while George Orwell does a good job of seeming impartial, there are hints to perpetrate those who do both right and wrong, and I believe in a firm line of justice. • Characters seem to have names that reflect their nature. Name two different types of character and give some examples of each. Napoleon: This name gives you an impression of presence and power. It also suggests a hint of tyranny power used wrongly, and it seems to describe something or someone being so much in power that whatever they do usually impacts many things. Clover: This name is so gentle. It is shy and secretive, quietly beautiful. It gives an impression of someone being approachable and someone worth confiding in. It also has a note of subtle strength, with a veil of delicateness. • Some animals are clever; some are kind. Which do you think it is better to be? I believe that kindness is more important than cleverness. It is the foundation of all good character, and those practicing it benefit society in many ways. While cleverness can be an attribute as well, it has the potential to harm if exercised in manipulation or

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