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Animal Farm Analysis

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  • on November 17, 2011
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Animal Farm

Written by an English author George Orwell, Animal Farm is a satirical comedy that is famous for its criticism of Russia under the Joseph Stalin communist government. Written on 17 August 1945, Animal Farm proves to be a classic literature as it criticizes the problems that arise after the Russian Revolution, such as the corruption of a socialist government, the danger naivety, and the use of propaganda.

The corruption of a socialist government is one of the major criticisms that Orwell tries to mention in Animal Farm. The struggles between Trotsky and Stalin are pictured as the two pigs (Napoleon and Snowball) are battling over supremacy of Animal Farm. Just as its real life counterpart, despite being more knowledgeable and virtuous, Snowball or Trotsky is overthrown by the more powerful and ruthless Napoleon or Stalin. The way Stalin uses the KGB to get rid of anyone who opposes him can be compared to how Napoleon uses his army of trained dogs to kill any animals who stands in his way.

Another social issue that Orwell discussed in his book is about the danger of being a naïve in a corrupted socialist government. He partially blames the suffering of the animals in animal farm as their own mistake. Just like the animals that just quietly listens to what the pigs have to say, he criticizes the people of Russia is to be blame for the trouble that they are in. For example, when Boxer is in dilemma, he always repeats ‘Napoleon is always right’ to himself and everyone who is between the crossroads.

Lack of proper education is also addressed here, as only the pigs and a very small portion of animals in the story are able to read or speak properly. This prevent them from being able to think what is the best for them thus they have no other choice but to listen to the corrupted pigs. Orwell also believed that the Russian lack of education is the major factor on why Stalin can rose to its dictatorship.

The use of propaganda to avert the working...

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