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Animal Farm Essay

  • Submitted by: bones90
  • on March 11, 2011
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Animal Farm Writing Prompt

Animal Farm is a book with a message that always remains true, regardless of time. George Orwell wrote it as a political satire condemning Stalin’s reign, but it could just as easily be applied to any situation in which a person is corrupted by power and it leads to totalitarianism. This timeless message is part of the reason why this book has become a classic that will be read for generations to come.
The story would mostly remain the same, regardless of whether it was set in Moscow or London. George Orwell would still write a powerful “fairy story” that provides a perfect example of how power can lead to a rise of totalitarianism. This story would hopefully help people to be more aware of how this kind of corruption can occur.
George Orwell uses many instances of symbolism in his book. The initial revolution of the Animals against the master of Manor Farm is symbolic of the Russian Revolution. In the same way, Napoleon’s rise to power closely mirrors that of Stalin.   Each Animal is a symbol of a different part of the population, with the sheep being the masses that blindly follow Stalin’s word, and Boxer epitomizes the working class, who believes that they can simply work harder to solve their problems. Squealer is basically propaganda in the form of a pig.
Through the use of this symbolism, Orwell makes criticisms that are very obvious, but indirect at the same time.   This story clearly shows the unfairness of totalitarianism by putting it in the context of Animal Farm, which is simply a much more straightforward version of what happened during Stalin’s reign. The result is a “fairy story” that can be enjoyed by both the young and old, and also leaves a strong lasting impression.

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