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ANIMAL FARM Contents Brief summary of the plot 02 The plot of Animal Farm chapter by chapter 03 A Ready Reference 16 The Characters in Animal Farm 20 Themes in Animal Farm 28 Key Concepts in note form 33 Spot the speaker/s and situation/s 35 Much more than a fairy story 37 Who was George Orwell? 40 Animal Farm – Examination Practice 43 A Brief Summary of the Plot Just before he dies, Old Major, a respected pig on Manor Farm stirs the animals up with his revolutionary ideas of rebellion against the tyrant Man. Before long, the ineffective farmer, Mr. Jones, is over thrown and expelled from the farm. The animals adopt the name Animal Farm. The animals draw up a set of principles which will guide their new lives: the Seven Commandments. Before long, the pigs emerge as leaders and start to assume minor privileges over the other animals. The two leading pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, quarrel and Napoleon eventually drives his rival off the farm by force. Despite hardships, the farm makes progress, and the animals embark on the construction of a windmill which will supposedly ease their lives. Unfortunately, the windmill is destroyed and the animals must start again. Boxer, the cart-horse, is a tower of strength. Napoleon assumes more and more power, and governs by fear and terror. Opponents are killed. The pigs now enjoy a luxurious style of life, far removed from the hardships of the other animals. Napoleon is cheated by Frederick, a neighbouring farmer, over the sale of some timber. Frederick attacks and destroys the windmill a second time. The over-worked Boxer falls ill and is treacherously shipped off to the knacker's by Napoleon. Over the years, the pigs continue to benefit at the

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