Animal Farm Essay

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Section A Literacy Heritage. 1 (a) Orwell presents snowball as valiant. This is evident in the line, “Jones saw him coming, raised his gun, and fired...without halting for an instant ... against Jones’s leg.” This demonstrates that despite being shot at and in pain snowball still perceived with the battle because recognizes the importance that the rebellion succeeds. The use of the verb, “halting” is particularly significant as it emphasises Snowball is selfless and brave. It also emphasises that Snowball is a heroic character therefore foreshadows the jealousy the other pigs may develop towards snowball. Orwell presents snowball to be a leader. This is evident in the line, “Snowball launched his first attack.” This demonstrates that snowball is in charge and responsible for the opening of the battle therefore he is taking leadership and setting an example for the other animals. The verb “launched” is particularly significant as it highlights the fact it was the starting point of the battle. Orwell presents snowball as a good originator. This is evident in the quote, “This was just what Snowball had intended.” This demonstrates that Snowball in responsible for the ideas and co-ordination of their battle. The fact that snowball had “intended” this is particularly significant because it reveals for the tactics were snowballs ideas and what he had imagined. (b) Orwell used language effectively to present the comradeship between the animals to be something that organizes them. This is evident in the quote, “The geese, who had been hiding behind the hedge, rushed out and pecked viciously.” The listing of events demonstrates the animals know exactly what to do in an orderly fashion. In addition the use of the verb and preposition, “hiding behind,” to describe their action before revealing themselves is significant as it reveals that they have well prepared

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