Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm Writing Assignment George Orwell’s Animal Farm gives a view of how Communism fits in to society. Orwell uses animals to represent the people of Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Animals were classified by their intelligences, and Orwell uses satire to point out each animal’s learning difference. The animals learn that individuals cannot rely on others to make their decisions throughout their lives. Each animal must learn to think for himself. As the story develops, followers and leaders become evident in the new roles in society, and the actions of both classes change the outcome of their views. In every life situation, there is a follower and a leader. In Animal Farm, Boxer, the follower, and Napoleon, the leader, both contribute to the loss of freedom and equality. Boxer is a hardworking horse that demonstrates loyalty to Napoleon throughout the story. Although Boxer is submissive and sometimes simpleminded, he allows Napoleon to do as he pleases because he believes in Napoleon’s ability to lead the group. When Napoleon comes to power, Boxer changes his original motto from, “I will work harder,” to a new motto which says, “Napoleon is always right.” He frequently repeats this motto to the group of animals in order to convince them that Napoleon has their best interests at heart. Another example which contributes to the loss of freedom and equality by Boxer is when the windmill is knocked down by a storm. Boxer tries to encourage the other animals to rebuild the windmill because they need to repay Napoleon for the illusion that he is making their lives easier. Although many animals oppose Napoleon’s leadership and fear him due to the massacre of the animals that show resistance, Boxer shows loyalty to Napoleon. He states, I do not understand it. I would not have believed that such a thing could

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