Animal Farm Essay

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Fellow Farmers! It has come to not only mine, but many of you that I am now homeless, starving and deeply desperate. I have lived off you, my fellow brothers for these few weeks begging for your bread, water and sleeping in the spare rooms that lie within your houses. Many of you may ask why I live in such an atrocious state where as a few of you may know just why my life has been brought to such a low standard. Look at me, beaten, bloody and bruised. I am in pain! ANIMALS, PESKY, SMARTASS ANIMALS HAVE DRIVEN ME OFF MY OWN FARM AND THEY COULD DO IT TO ANYONE OF YOU! Some of you may think I am weak, stupid, dumb and just a plain drunk but I am and was capable of running my farm, I had looked after all of my animals like they were my own children. As foolish as it sounds they kicked me out onto the streets, along side the gutters, I’ve stooped down on my knees begging for help and basic necessities such as bread, water and a roof over head but everyone had just slam their door on my face and would assume that I am crazy to utter words besides the small minority of you. Listen to me and listen good, these animals are smarter than you think, I have made the mistake of feeding and caring for these witty animals and they drive me out of my farm like they are humans! It could happen to me or you at anytime. Boom! Whack! Pow! I was hit by nearly every single animal on the farm! I did not think this was possible as they are animals and animals do not have the tendency to rebel against humans. I thought wrong. I was bruised, bloody and battered on the floor when i was attacked. I have noticed that the most unique and rebellious animals on the farm are the pigs. Pigs! Bloody pigs have outsmarted me and they could outsmart anyone of you, my fellow farmers. Ridiculously speaking about this rebellion i see the expressions on your faces. Farmer Joe, why do you seem so

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