Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm is a very appealing and fascinating book which tells a story about animals on a Farm called Manor Farm. This magnificence story starts off with a man called Mr. Jones who is the owner of the farm. Mr. Jones along with his co workers would always treat his animals on the farm in terrible ways. One day an animal called old Major had a strange dream but it was a very significant dream, after having this dream he told the animals about his dream and this in turn encouraged them to rebel and run the Farm themselves. He also mentioned that all animals should be equally and he sang a song of liberty for the animals before he died. After a while, the animals did rebel and the pigs being the smartest animals on the Manor Farm took up the leadership role, although old Major stated that all animals should be equal. Afterwards they made rules by which all animals should live and co-exist by. Eventually, there were some major conflicts between a pig named Napoleon and one called snowball, as they both had different ideas which drove them both to battle for power. Snowball had plans of teaching the other animals in order to improve their cognitive abilities and also to guide them in the development of a windmill. On the other hand, Napoleon wanted to sit around all day and give orders with his ferocious dogs at his side, which he grew and trained from young. On day Napoleon used his dogs to get snowball out of the Manor Farm and out of the picture so he can rule supreme. The pigs along with the help of the dogs exploited the animals on the Farm which in turn broke the rules and the whole idea of everyone being equal. Things then began to fall apart as life on the Manor farm just got worse and a strong hard working horse called Boxer died. Communication is the process of transferring information and meaning between senders and receivers, using one or more written,

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