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# 134-Investigations in British Literature access level: Animal Farm by George Orwell This story is an allegory, a work of literature in which characters and events represent abstract qualities, such as greed, or real people and events. Allegories are written to entertain and to teach a lesson or moral principle. Keep a journal concerning your reading that answers these questions or topics: 1. a list of the characters and what they might stand for: • Old Major – Major was very well respected on Manor Farm, every animal came to him when they needed guidance and listened to him when he had something to say whether it was important or not. He is introduced in the beginning of the book because of his strange dream where farm animals rebelled against humans and became the dominate species in England. A few days after he told his fellow “comrades” of his of his dream and taught them the song of “Beast of England” he passes away leaving the farm in the hands of Snowball and Napoleon to watch over the farm and animals as he did. • Snowball - After Major died, Napoleon and Snowball were put in the place of watching over the animals on the farm. Soon after Snowball tries to challenges Napoleon for control of Animal Farm after the Rebellion also known as the Battle of Cowshed. Snowball is portrayed in the sense to be smart, brave, caring, and not as devious aside from his fellow “comrade” Napoleon. As you read on you learn that Snowball becomes the favored 1 between him and Napoleon, they trust him more. Snowball, who in the novel was made out to be a trader and to be on the side of the humans, he was later run off the farm shortly after showing his plans for the windmill to the animals of Animal Farm by the several puppies Napoleon “took under his wing” to educate and really just trained them to protect himself. After Snowball is off the farm, he is still

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