Animal Farm Essay

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In the novel, Animal Farm you are able to easily see the issue and struggle with power. While attempting to over throw the “ignorant” humans a group of farm animals ban together to accomplish their goal. But it is when power and the struggle to be leader is faced that the problems begin. This is very similar to The Lord of the Flies. In that book a group of young English boys are abandoned on an island and are forced to create and maintain a society. The boys become so violent and obsessed with the idea of power, control and leadership that they literally kill each other over it. It resulted in the death of two innocent boys who were unsuccessful in showing the others what savages they had become. Any type of opening in a position of power and control causes issues and problems within a society, as seen in both the Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm. Friends become more like enemies and you realize that everyone is on their own. These situations have occurred all around the world as well. An extreme example is that of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany. Their aggression and hatred towards one race of people resulted in the death of 6 million. Because they were in such a position of authority and had so much power they were able to use fear and propaganda to change the way people thought and acted. I believe that almost everyone in the world has negative and sometimes hateful thoughts towards other people. But it is when they have power on their side that these ideas and fantasies become a reality. Power can corrupt people and society so easily. It is both a blessing and a

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