Animal Farm Essay

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My impression of Napoleon is that he is shrewd, intelligent and manipulative. Firstly, I think that he is very shrewd. He does not rush in carrying out his plans, he waits patiently for the right moment instead. He was able to wait for the puppies to grow into ‘enormous dogs’ so that he could use them as a deterrent to frighten the other animals and prevent them from giving their opinions. He plays on their fear of death. When any animal protested, they will be ‘promptly silenced by [the] tremendous growling from the dogs’. He was able to identify his enemies within animal farm unlike Snowball who was blind to all this, thus, explaining his actions towards Snowball. He ‘urinated’ over the plans as he did not want Snowball to ruin his plans. Secondly, Napoleon is intelligent. He was intelligent enough to shift all the blame to Snowball on the windmill. He said that it was Snowball who ‘[came] in the night and [overthrew their] windmill’ He was also intelligent enough to paint a picture of him as a common enemy to the animals. He did this to shift the blame away from himself and to harness the animals’ energy towards defeating the ‘enemy’. It also prevents the animals from realising how greatly the pigs are exploiting them. He also deliberately made a big show of tracing Snowball. He ‘decreed that there should be full investigation into Snowball’s activities’ He ‘would ‘put his snout to the ground’ and state that Snowball was here. This is to increase fear in the animals that Snowball is still lurking around and make them feel that Napoleon is caring for them as he is trying to get rid of the common enemy for the safety of the animals. His intelligence has been put to wrong use, he uses his intelligence to achieve his plans which is to have absolute power over the farm. He was also very clever to change the 7 commandments so that it will not put him in a

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