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Animal Farm Essay

  • Submitted by: sophiexx
  • on June 24, 2012
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George Orwell's novel Animal Farm does an excellent job of drawing parallels from the situation leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Animal Farm is a satire that uses its characters to symbolize leaders of the Russian Revolution. The animals of "Manor Farm", the setting of this novel, which symbolizes Russia, overthrow their human master after years of mistreatment.
In the first chapter of animal farm it is made inevitable that the destruction of animal farm is going to be based around the whole ideal of animals being better than humans, an example of this is when Old Major makes a speech to the animals whilst Mr. Jones is in the farm house drunk. This speech makes it very obvious to the reader that the idea of communism that Old Major has is not going to work, foreshadowing the uselessness of the revolution later on in the book. In the speech, Old Major says that if you ‘Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished forever.’   This shows the inevitability of a tragedy because even though the speech is intended to be inspiring and encouraging to the tired farm animals it is obvious to the reader that the ideal society that Old Major proposes is of course only an ideal – but unfortunately the animals don’t know this. This relates to the Russian Revolution because they fought for communism, but the ideals they had were only ideals too, they weren’t really reality because the idea of communism never really works, since you need to have a leader and that leader is counted more equal than others, so therefore everybody is not equal, so Animal Farm will never succeed if they want to be a communist society, like Russia.
Also, another part of Old Majors speech foreshadows some of the events that happen later on in Orwell’s book; Old Major warns all of the animals that the ‘resolution must not falter’ and tells the animals ‘...we must not come to resemble him...No animal must ever live in a house or sleep in a bed, or wear...

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