Animal Farm Essay

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Dissension Animal Farm is a classic tale of rivalry between human and animal. Rebellion plays a huge role in the plot of this fable. When rebellion takes place everything is turned up-side-down. The animals of Manor Farm are encouraged to rebel after the eldest pig on the farm, Old Major, gives a speech shortly before his death. Plans are made and the animals, leaders being the pigs, take charge and overthrow the owner Mr. Jones. In the beginning of the revolution seven commandments are formed and painted on the side of the barn for all the animals to view. All of the commandments end up being broken one way or another, then are revised by the sly pig, Squealer. Two major battles occur and one pig is left superior over the rest, Napoleon. Most nearly every single animal ends up dying somehow, either by force or natural causes. Napoleons loyal followers were the only ones that did not end up dying. At the end of the novel the pigs end up being the thing hey hated most. Animal Farm by George Orwell, ends by having a reoccurrence of what happens in the beginning, but only with different characters and a whole new moral to the story. The pigs become the enemy along with the humans who were the ones that originally got kicked out. I have to re-live the story of Animal Farm every day of my life! The only difference is that the children are the pigs and the parents are the sheep. My parents are very intelligent, yet some how we still manage to get around their punishments some way or another. My siblings and I are the pigs. My brother, Gabriel, is snowball my sister, Ruby, would be Squealer. I would be Napoleon since I am the eldest of all of us and basically the dictator! The adults in the family would account for the other animals on the farm. Such as, my dad would be Boxer the cart horse, and my mom is most like Mollie. The message that the author is trying to

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