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Historical Corruption In an age of writing where authors were caught in a trend, a select few authors took upon themselves to creating their own form of writing. In George Orwell's esteemed book "Animal Farm", Orwell invokes a new unique genus of writing for his day and age. In "Animal Farm" Orwell uses the likeness of an ordinary English farm and uses it to depict the 1917, Russian Revolution and the rise of the Communist Party. Orwell uses common and subtle objects and animals to sculpt the people and events of the era. To understand the story and over all plot, first one must be equated with the events leading up to and through the Russian Revolution. In February 1917, the Russian government went through some of the most dramatic reforms seen in history to up this day. The current Czar of Russia, Nicholas II, stepped down from the seat of monarchy and passed the reins to Alexander Kerensky. But Kerensky's rein was short lived for short eight months later he was over thrown by the Socialist/Communist party (also known as Bolsheviks) led by Vladimir Lenin. After establishing himself as leader of the newly formed Soviet Union, Lenin left it between his allies to fight for the seats of power now left vacant by the sudden ousting of government. The two most notable of the men in this "no hold bars" fight for power was Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky. Trotsky was at the forefront of the "pack" that fought for the right to inherit Lenin's vast empire when he "retired". Trotsky was popular with the people and very word savvy. Next in line for power was a cold and calculating military leader known as Joseph Stalin. Upon Lenin's death Trotsky was ready to assume power, but in a daring move, Stalin allied himself with other figures of the government to oust Trotsky. Trotsky was exiled and eventually assassinated by Stalin's troops. Now Stalin had supreme control over

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