Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm 3rd All the governments in the world use strategies to keep the population under control. Governments manipulate society, with both their lack of education and selective education, using propaganda and media to spread their views. Each play a significant role in the book Animal Farm. In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, the comparisons between animal and the characters in the Russian Revolution support his view of society’s manipulation through the tactics of the dictators. After a time of war several leaders fight for control, using a variety of tactics . Old Major, representing Lenin, with goals against higher power, spreads ideas of a Rebellion against Jones and the humans. In the Russian Revolution, Lenin rebels against monarchy and the tzars. Old Majors speech changed the animals‘ way of thinking. He shows them that “ The life of an animals is misery and slavery: this is the plain truth” (28) and calls for action for if the animals take “Man from the scene, and the root cause hunger and overwork is abolished forever” (28-29). His call for rebellion made the animal’s views of humans different. Old Major opened their eyes to how humans treat them and showed them who the common enemy was. He wanted the animals to all be treated equal; “All men are enemies, All animals are comrades” (31) When Old Major’s speech was over, all the animals went into a tremendous uproar and agreed with him by singing the song, “Beasts of England”. As previously stated, the manipulation through the tactics of dictators, Old Major manipulated them to show them the sense of unity, that they were all one. Like any government leader, Old Major had an agenda and his death caused Napoleon and Snowball to fight for control over the farm. Napoleon competed with Snowball just like Stalin did with Trotsky in the Russian Revolution. At the end of competing for leadership,

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