Animal Farm Essay

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Authority is defined by power, power means control, thus authority is the power to control. Humans have always been after authority throughout the history, each with the same slogan: for the benefits of the others yet afterwards they have gradually changed it to their own advantages or have abused it. The reason is clear: everyone is after his or her own prosperity and happiness. Authority is unstable; it breaks down after a while or even strengthens. It is inescapable, there’s no way of disobedience towards it. There are many ways in which authority can be exercised such as force, persecution, intimidation, respect, need, choice and even using a sense of humor and each is suitable for a certain circumstance. There are figures of authority who we encounter in our everyday life such as our parents, policemen, teachers, principal and many others. Authority is accepted by some yet denied by some other, but whichever it remains necessary for the functioning and balance of a group. George Orwell’s Animal Farm uses allegory to illustrate the ways of exercising authority and also the ways in which it can change. In this book, each animal symbolizes a character type of the real world and the ways in which they influence and are influenced by the society are clearly outlined. This book was actually written during the 1940s by an adversary of Russian communism. Referring to “Animal Farm” it’s seen that the pigs actually manipulate the seven commands because they want to sleep in beds or trade with humans to be able to live comfortably. They are more intellectually gifted so they decide it is their right to be the leaders and by persuading other animals they stabilize their posts. Yet there is a stronger bind that keeps the animals together, especially during the first days after the rebellion and that is the old major’s speech; the purpose of what they are fighting for

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