Animal Farm Essay

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Animal Farm Analytical Essay George Orwell uses the language in Animal Farm to show the dangers of totalitarianism. It is an allegory in which he uses animals to symbolise a much more serious issue. Orwell demonstrates that the power of language can inspire and control through the use of propaganda, irony, satire and the fear and intimidation it causes the animals. Orwell uses powerful language in both a negative way and a positive way. These ways are primarily expressed through Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer. Through propaganda Squealer is able to manipulate the other animals into believing the lies and stories Napoleon wants them to believe. Snowball uses propaganda to try and change Manor Farm into a better place for all animals. Propaganda is used by Napoleon and Squealer to control and by Snowball to inspire. Orwell uses propaganda to inspire and control through manipulation, repetition, statistics and lying. These tactics are used by the majority of the pigs throughout the novel to gradually twist Old Major’s idea of socialism and the rebellion. One of Snowball’s speeches, in which he uses propaganda, is to explain to all birds that “a birds wing is an organ of propulsion and not of manipulation” therefore the maxim ‘four legs good, two legs bad’ is still applicable. This speech manipulated the birds into believing that they were not the enemy as “the hand (is) the instrument with which (man) does all of his mischief”. The first negative use of propaganda is by Squealer, Napoleon’s representative, who uses repetition, statistics and lying all in one speech to manipulate the animal’s actions and feelings. He assures the animals that the pigs did not take the milk “in a spirit of selfishness and privilege” but “to preserve (the pigs) health”. To persuade the animals Squealer uses repetition to pinpoint the enemy. He reminds them that “Jones would come

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